Worship Team Application

Must be able to learn up to four songs within a four day period.
Must have access to the internet and eMail. All scheduling and music distribution it done electronically.
Frequent Home Practice
All music and lyrics should be learned before rehearsals so when we come together as a group, we can work on the overall sound and presentation.
Weekly Rehearsal
Every Wednesday from 6:30pm - 9:00pm. Be prepared and ready to start at 6:30pm. Occasionally additional rehearsals will be necessary.
Early Arrival
On Sunday Mornings, we start at 8:00am with sound checks and a complete run-through of the set list and then minister in multiple morning services.
Equipment Requirements
All instrumentalists must have their own equipment. Although some equipment is provided, like the drum set and keyboards, you are still required to have your own equipment at home to ensure you have what is needed to prepare yourself for rehearsal.
1) For the Worship Team, we ask that you worship consistently with us for at least six-months
2) Have served in another area of ministry for at least six-months
3) Complete this application
4) Meet with Pastor Bob Hunt to discuss your interest in the Worship Team
5) Audition with the band during a Wednesday rehearsal
6) Complete a 90-day probation period that reveals your commitment and compatibility